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The rate levels of the discount are the lowest of the schedule rates posted on the system and the 50% discount is applied on the basis of the current youth rates (from 12 to 30 years).
for example the rate of Tunis/Paris/Tunis:   
The standard rate VAT is 895 Dinars
The cheapest youth rate VAT is 645 Dinars  
The cheapest pex rate VAT is 569 Dinars  
Special rate for youth year VAT is 396.5 Dinars 
Other examples of special “youth year” rates (excluded agency services fees)
TUNIS/CASA/TUNIS: 326 Dinars  
TUNIS/NICE/TUNIS: 298 Dinars  

The 50% discount on youth rates is applied on:
- Customers who have the Tunisian nationality from Tunisia and from abroad.
- Non Tunisian youths from our stopovers abroad.
The non Tunisian youths could not enjoy this promotion in the departure from Tunisia

NB: Identification card is required.

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