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Information Services

« Espace Privilège » Business Lounge

Tunisair offers its travellers in Privilege class, a dedicated check-in, priority boarding in case of waiting lists and access to the Business Class lounge where they will find:

a friendly atmosphere in a setting where tradition and modernism meet in harmony

  • a haven for relaxation, in a plenitude of lights and comfort
  • a place where delicate and light cuisine can be enjoyed state-of the-art means of communication (fax and internet connection) enabling passengers to make the best use of their time in wonderful peace



Our passengers are invited to proceed to our check-in desks accompanied with their travel documents and their luggage (hand luggage included) at least 2 hours and 15 minutes before the departure time indicated on the flight ticket.

Baggage allowance

passengers travelling "Espace Privilège " are granted a 30 kg baggage allowance plus 2 items of hand luggage and one accessory.
Passengers flying in Economy class are permitted 20 kg plus one item of luggage and one accessory.

  • The hand luggage must not , in any case, exceed the following dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 25cm and must not weigh more than 10 kg (for Business Class) and 8 Kg (for Economic Class) (IATA regulation) so that it can be stowed under the seat or in the overhead compartment.

Passengers should attach baggage tags for each item of luggage.
Bulky items or fragile luggage can be accepted in the cabin if an extra seat has been reserved in advance.

The carrier is exempt from liability relating to the following articles:

  • Money, jewellery, precious metals
  • securities and businesses documents
  • Any valuable items
  • fragile or perishable goods

For more information on these conditions regarding baggage acceptance, please consult your closest Tunisair representative.


It is strictly forbidden to carry the following products:

  • gas lighters (except if carried by passenger)
  • compressed Gas
  • camping gas ring
  • cans of oil
  • Flammable goods
  • corrosive products, oxidizing substances, acid irritants , wet cell batteries, soda or potassium and mercury
  • toxic products and etiologic agents
  • radioactive materials
  • magnetic masses
  • firearms, small arms and contending objects (strictly forbidden in cabin)


Golf Equipment: golf bag with clubs and pair of shoes
The charges for a golf kit at the applicable fare is 6kg over the baggage allowance, if the equipment is not included in the normal baggage allowance applicable to the paid fare.

If such equipment is included in the normal baggage allowance, any excess weight must be subject to a fee at the rate indicated below – either the normal rate for excess baggage, the least expensive option being taken.
Any golf equipment in excess of 15 kg will be taxed at the normal excess luggage fare.

  • Hunting equipment and Sport (division 1.4.S)
  • Hunting and division 1.4.S sporting equipment must not exceed 5 kg gross weight per passenger and must be securely packed.
  • Ammunitions must be reserved for the personal usage of the passenger
  • explosive projectiles or incendiary cartridges are not admitted
  • Allowances for one or a number of passengers cannot be combined in one or more packages.
  • Ammunition can only be accepted in checked baggage in the hold.
  • Permission must be obtained from a senior export official for the carriage of firearms.

Baggage Tracing

If your luggage do not arrive at the destination at the same time as you, contact the lost and found services in the baggage claim area. You will need to provide all the necessary information for a rapid tracing.

Other Services

It is possible for you to travel with your domestic animals (cat, dog, bird …) in the cabin if a reservation is made.

They must travel in an appropriate container (cage or basket adapted for transport) within the cabin luggage dimensions (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and it must weigh less than 5kg. If the animal carriage does not comply with these specifications then you must check it into the hold through our station manager (prior reservation required).

In addition, you must provide a health certificate for your animal and a rabies inoculation certificate, signed by the relevant health authorities.

Unaccompanied Children

TUNISAIR assures the best conditions of security and well being for the transport of unaccompanied minors « UM ».
Babies from 1 to 4 years are placed in the care of one of our flight attendants for the entire trip.
Children from 4 to 12 are assisted by our services up until their disembarkation.
An assistance service is also reserved for 12 to 16 year olds whose parent would like “UM” supervision.
For more information on the conditions of “UM” travel, contact the Station Manager.


1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are accepted on board on the following conditions:
Up to the end of 6th month of pregnancy a medical certificate is not required.
From the 6th month until the end of the 8th month a medical certificate dated within the previous 7 days is required.
In the 9th month, a pregnant woman can travel only if she is accompanied by a doctor.

2. Newborn babies and women after childbirth

A medical certificate is required:

  • For newborn babies travelling within the first 7 days following the birth.
  • For women travelling within the first 7 days after childbirth.


In order to facilitate travel conditions for the disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility Tunisair provides a special service with priority boarding, transfers and disembarkation. For more information regarding these services and reservations please contact the local Station Manager 48 hours prior to the date of departure.

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