Jeddah - Discover the richness of Saudi art and culture!


Jeddah is a fascinating city that combines art and history, culture, gastronomy, shopping and tourism.

If you're looking for a destination that's both traditional and cosmopolitan, Jeddah is the city for you!

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    Jeddah is a city rich in history and art. Be sure to visit the city's historic center, Al-Balad, home to many historic buildings and landmarks such as the Jeddah Clock Tower, Al-Rahma Mosque and Nasseef House.

    You can also visit the Athr art gallery to discover emerging local artists and their work.

    Jeddah is a cultural city with numerous museums, theaters and festivals.

    Visit the Jeddah Museum of Art and History, take in a performance at the Jeddah Opera House or explore modern art galleries and exhibition spaces such as the Maison des Arts and the Jameel Arts Centre.

    Saudi gastronomy is rich in flavors and hearty dishes.

    Discover the delights of local cuisine in the city's traditional restaurants such as Al Baik, Fakieh Poultry Farms and Al Nakheel. And don't miss the freshly caught seafood specialties available in the waterfront restaurants.

    Jeddah is a shopping city with many malls and markets. Explore the Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia or discover the city's traditional souks for an authentic shopping experience.

    You can also visit the fabric markets to discover local fabrics, clothing and jewelry.

    Finally, Jeddah is an exciting tourist destination. Stroll along the Jeddah waterfront, visit the Al Shallal Sculpture Park or enjoy a sunny day in King Fahd Park.

    Visiting the holy places

    Muslims can enjoy an unforgettable spiritual journey that will leave a lasting impression. An opportunity to visit the most sacred sites of Islam, including Mecca and Medina.

    With so much to see and do, Saudi Arabia is a destination that will never disappoint.

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