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Tunis, Tunisia's historic and cultural city, is a destination not to be missed!


With tourist attractions such as the Tunis medina, the Zitouna mosque, the Bardo museum, the city of Carthage and the village of Sidi Bou Said, there's always something to see and explore.

Tunis also boasts a rich culture and history, with annual festivals such as the Carthage International Festival and the Medina Festival.

Add to this the warmth and hospitality of Tunisians, the local cuisine and the advantages of traveling with Tunisair, and you have every reason to choose Tunis as your next travel destination.

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    Tunis is a city rich in history and art, with many museums, historic sites and monuments to explore. You can start by visiting the Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to mosques, palaces and bustling souks.

    You can also visit the Bardo National Museum, which boasts a vast collection of Roman mosaics and Islamic art.

    Tunis is also a major cultural destination, with a thriving arts scene.

    The city is famous for its Carthage International Festival, which showcases music, theater and dance. For theater lovers, the Theater Municipal of Tunis is a must, with a rich and varied program.

    Tunisian cuisine is also famous for its diversity and richness. You can start your gastronomic exploration with couscous, a semolina dish with vegetables and meat, or brik, a kind of turnover filled with egg and meat.

    If you're looking for something more sophisticated, many of the city's restaurants offer refined cuisine using local and seasonal ingredients.

    Tunis is also a shopper's paradise. The city boasts a wide variety of souks, from craft stores to modern department stores.

    You can visit the El Attarine souk for spices, perfumes and handicrafts, or explore Rue Charles de Gaulle for fashion boutiques and shopping malls.

    Finally, Tunis is a dynamic city with a multitude of activities to discover. You can visit the ancient city of Carthage, which was founded over 2,000 years ago, or explore the coastal town of Sidi Bou Saïd, which offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The city is also renowned for its sandy beaches, such as La Marsa and Gammarth.

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