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Discover the city of Vienna


Vienna is a dynamic and captivating city that offers a unique experience to every visitor.

Don't miss the chance to discover all the treasures it has to offer on your next trip with Tunisair!

Is known for:
Historic buildings
Austrian cuisine
History & Culture
Classical music
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    Vienna is a city rich in history, with famous monuments such as Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Imperial Hofburg Palace.

    Vienna's Museum of Art History is also a must-see for art lovers, with a collection of masterpieces from Antiquity to the Baroque.

    Culture is omnipresent in Vienna, with operas, concerts, museums and festivals all year round.

    Don't miss the Vienna Festival, which takes place every summer and features a variety of music, dance and theater performances.

    Vienna is renowned for its traditional Austrian cuisine, with dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz and Apfelstrudel. But the city also offers a wide range of international cuisine, from Italian to Asian.

    Don't miss a visit to one of Vienna's famous cafés for a typical coffee and pastry.

    Vienna's shopping streets offer a wide variety of boutiques, from luxury brands to vintage stores.

    Mariahilfer Strasse is Vienna's longest shopping street, while Kärntner Strasse is famous for its high-end boutiques.

    Vienna is a city full of sights, with activities to suit all ages and interests.

    Visit Schönbrunn Zoo, one of the world's oldest zoos, or stroll through the city park to admire the gardens and fountains.

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