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References about Tunisia

Population : 10.4 million inhabitants
Surface: 162155 Km
Language : Arabic (French is widely used, most of the signs are in Arabic and French
Religion: Islam ( 98%  of the population are Muslims )
Currency: Tunisian dinar , currency exchange in Tunisia is possible only in the airport currency exchange offices ,hotels ad banks.
Capital : Tunis
Time zone: GMT+1
Climate: Mediterranean (semi-arid in south)

    • Tunisiahealth destination

    • Tunisia: relaxation and well-being destination
    • Tunisia: comfort, security and conviviality destination
    Tunisia health destination
    • Rich from a long medical tradition and classed in 2009 on the 27th world rank in the health criteria from the Davos’ rapport
      Tunisia is today positioned as an ideal destination of health and comfort.
      Since the golden age of the medicine with the kairouan school during the 9th and 10th century until the modern medicine period, Tunisia knew how to develop its know-how and acquire a notoriety beyond the meditarian basin

    Why would it soonly became your health destination?


    The assets of Tunisia:

  • Quality , comfort, competitive tariffs
  • Health security
  • Geographical proximity
  • Good air service
  • Smooth of the climate and convivial environment
  • Modern convenience , know-how and technological control
  • Hotel facilities responding to the international standard with luxury units recommended for the period of convalescence and relaxation.
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  • Medical cover :
    11531 doctors (1 doctor for 865 inhabitants)   2301 dentists (1 dentist for 4533 inhabitants°  , 2955 pharmacist (1 pharmacist for 240 inhabitants) 43000 paramedical (1 paramedical pour 240 inhabitants).

  • Sanitary facilities:
    Public sector:172 hospitals , 2079 basic health centres ,6 policlinics of the national security office (with 6 centres of haemodialysis).
    Private sector :75 clinic ,5368 doctors office ,1808 dentist office,1758 drugstores ,244 medical analysis laboratory,99 dialyse ,haemodialysis centre ,1262 paramedical centre
  • Hotel facilities:

    More than 830 hotels without 40% luxury unit  , spacious, comfortable , dedicated to rest and relaxation.

  • Type of medical cover and care offered in Tunisia
    Plastic surgery :liposuction breast implant surgery, hair implant, face lift etc...
    Dental care : treatment from a simple cavity to the dental prostheses.
    Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
    Urologic surgery: scrotum, endoscopies, prostate , kidney , urethra, bladder urinary.
    Ophthalmology:Myopia laser correction, cornea transplant , eye muscle surgery.
    laparoscopy: gall bladder and appendices removal ,treatment of the gastro-oesophageal reflux disease., hernia treatment.
    Ontological surgery
    Neurological surgery

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  • The rapid expansion of the modern medicine in Tunisia permitted to the constitution and the development of the Tunisian medical profession enjoying a good reputation on the international scale..

    Thanks to its facilities and its competences Tunisia knew how to work out well.


  • Good to know

    Having the most dynamic economy of the southern Mediterranean ,Tunisia enjoys 5% of the growth rate. followed by an important improvement of its health indicator.

    •  In 2008 Tunisia confirms its rank of the 2nd destination in the world of Thalassotherapy , after France.
    •According to the world health organisation, Tunisia is disposing of a health indicator close to the one of the developed countries :
    • Demographic growth rate : 1.18%
    • Infant mortality rate: 18.3%
    • Life expectancy: around 74 years
    • The synthetic fecundity index: 2.04%
    •  Vaccination rate: +90%

  • Tunisia : relaxation and welfare destination

    Are you looking for a special setting and luxurious performance personalized with a medical followed-up ? So don’t hesitate to enjoy the thalassotherapy and thermal cures in Tunisia .
    With a real welfare temples of new dimensions   implanted   in the big cities like Tunis, Sousse,  Hammamet and Djerba as well as a good convalescence guaranteed in a sumptuous et typical oriental places, antic themes, oriental palaces,

    Known for its wealth and its tourist offers, Tunisia adapted its assets to the new expectancies of the tourist clients and it’s about to be the country of the well-being..

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    Tunisia  : comfort destination, security and conviviality

    Thanks to its clement temperature , Tunisia is positioned as a winter station with a good world reputation.

    The climate is one of ” the best coastal Mediterranean “ judged a century ago ,the French geographic Elisee reclus.

    Having a rich cultural heritage Tunisia offers to its hostess the opportunity of a full stay in a comfortable and secure environment .with many leisure possibilities: visits of museums, golf course ,visits of the typical villages etc…


    Are you planning for a happy retirement in the palm trees’ shadow?
    Tunisia is offering you new opportunities and new structures in order to facilitate your long medical stays in a convivial environment

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