With a 75-year track record in the aviation sector, Tunisair, founded in 1948, is Tunisia's national airline.

Tunisair has always been at the service of travelers, offering innovative services, adopting a quality-oriented approach, and being close to its customers.

As the leading airline in Tunisia and the first between Europe and Tunisia, Tunisair offers flights to over 50 destinations worldwide, in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Tunisair is a long-standing player in promoting Tunisia's seaside, business, cultural, medical, and sports tourism. The national carrier pays particular attention to its customers, especially pilgrims and Tunisians living abroad.

Introduced by Tunisair in 1995, the Fidelys frequent flyer program enables over .................. members worldwide to earn Miles and benefit from exclusive advantages, up to and including the conversion of points earned into airline tickets to the destination of their choice!

Tunisair has embarked on a fleet renewal plan, involving new high-end, modern, more comfortable, and eco-friendly aircraft. The company's dedicated, professional staff is fully committed to providing every passenger with flawless service.

Regarding sustainability, Tunisair has adopted an ecological approach, optimizing its fuel consumption and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Quality is also at the heart of Tunisair's concerns, and the company is proud to be certified by the most rigorous international standards.

Proud of its rich heritage, Tunisair is an innovative airline that always has its customers' needs at heart. Thanks to its commitment to quality/compliance, sustainability and customer satisfaction, Tunisair continues to offer its passengers an exceptional travel experience.

Choosing Tunisair means choosing a safe, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly trip.



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